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Choosing the Right Marine Service Technician

American Boat and Yacht Council Logo

From the ABYC web site -- The American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) sets forth the Standards by which all boats in the U.S. are built and repaired. ABYC certifies the technical competence of individual technicians, not repair facilities. That said, businesses that have invested in their employees to become ABYC Certified are showing their dedication to boating safety and desire to go above and beyond for their customers. Hiring an ABYC Certified Technician means you know you’ll be getting high-quality service. You could be wasting time, money, or even risking further damages to your boat if the work is not being done in accordance with ABYC Standards. As with the automotive industry, technicians often specialize. ABYC has 8 different specialty certification classes and a Master Marine Technician has passed at least 3 of those classes. When you are in a repair shop you may want to ask about their specialties as it relates to your needs.

Nicholson Marine Services Owner and Master Marine Technician Drew Nicholson specializes in Marine Electrical, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration, and Corrosion; has an Associate’s Degree in Marine Technology from the New England Institute of Technology; and maintains numerous factory training certifications offered by product manufacturers. He is also a NMEA Certified Advanced Electronics Installer and a USCG licensed Captain.

BoatU.S. wrote an article about “Avoiding Problems at the Repair Shop.” The first tip about selecting a repair shop:

“Before choosing a facility, ask for referrals from fellow boaters or someone you trust in the marine business. Also, conduct an Internet search for online reviews, visit boat-owner forums to learn what your neighbors think, and look for complaints with the Better Business Bureau. Keep in mind that while their rates may be higher, shop owners who invest in good diagnostic equipment and in technicians certified both by manufacturers and by the American Boat & Yacht Council typically offer better service”.

Electronics Installation

Whether you cruise, fish or sail, Nicholson Marine Services can install specialized equipment to fit your needs. We install best-in-class boating electronics which are renowned for their industry-leading visual navigation, rugged design and reliability. From Raymarine and Garmin to B&G and more, we can help you find the best options for your use and space to give you an unsurpassed level of confidence at the helm.

Stay on course with multifunction displays with lightning-fast graphics, detail-rich mapping, advanced GPS-based navigation features and more. Enjoy autopilot technology that helps keep you in control while freeing your hands from the helm. When you need to scan what’s out there on and under the water, radar technology and sonar brings it all into focus. Add AIS, navigation instruments, radio, TV, stereo and entertainment options, plus cellular and satellite solutions for peace-of-mind connectivity. Explore the advantages of digital vessel integration for everything from engines to lighting.

As an experienced Advanced Installer certified by the National Marine Electronics Association and with direct relationships with the top manufacturers such as Raymarine, Garmin, B&G, KVH, Intellian, and more, Nicholson Marine can seamlessly install and network all your electronics options with ease while providing the top-notch customer service and technical support you need to achieve the best chance of success while on the water.

Electrical and Power Management

The joy of running your boat is having everything you need at your fingertips with plenty of power to use and maintain it all for an extended period of time. Allow a Certified Marine Electrician with over 25 years of experience to analyze your power needs and consumption to formulate a comprehensive power management plan for your boat. With advanced battery configurations supported by multiple charging means from battery chargers to solar panels, wind generators, upgraded alternators and generators, Nicholson Marine has the capabilities to devise an integrated power management system for your vessel.

We always focus on proper battery management with integrated monitoring systems allowing you to keep an eye on your use, to determine your vessel’s power needs on the go and manage it accordingly. After every installation, we review the key aspects of the system and educate the owner on what they’re looking at and how to use this information to best manage their systems. Sometimes they can be quite complex, so we are always available for follow up advice or even the quick question while underway. We only install top quality batteries such as Victron and Trojan batteries, and are happy to help you explore an upgrade to lithium batteries and Smart systems.

If your travels are going to take you to far reaching international destinations, Nicholson Marine also specializes in European and beyond AC electrical grids. We have experience in vessel conversions for boats making permanent relocations and in upgrading AC electrical systems to safely plug into multiple grid types for those who’ll wander.

Also, we are one of the few ABYC Certified Corrosion Specialists in the area. Corrosion comes in many forms, from basic anticipated galvanic occurrences to devastating stray current faults. The results are usually very costly. Once corrosion damage begins, it can’t be reversed. Corrosion mitigation can become confusing and complex. At the first sign of trouble, have Nicholson Marine assess the problem and identify a solution for future prevention.

If you enjoy anchoring out for a day of fun in the sun or weeks of cruising, our Solara and Solbian solar panels, made for ultimate performance with high-end marine grade materials, can keep you charged and operating. They can be installed any place from a hard top to a bimini top, arch, davits and any other creative space we can utilize, either with custom framing, arch mounting, or even walk-on panels that can be directly installed on a cabin top.

We are factory trained and certified dealers for world class marine generators made by Kohler and Westerbeke, and can also upgrade the alternator on your main engine. Allow Nicholson Marine to analyze your systems and design a power management plan to optimize your time on the water.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

We all know how important air conditioning is in Florida! Nicholson Marine is certified by ABYC in Air Conditioning and Refrigeration installation and repair, and by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the safe handling and disposal of refrigerants, which is required for anyone servicing A/C units.

Allow us to help maintain your systems on a regular basis to keep them running cool. In the event of a breakdown, sometimes all that’s needed is a minor replacement of a display or power module. But if the time comes when you finally need to replace an aging system, look no further than us. As the authorized dealers for several of the top brands, including Dometic, Nicholson Marine can easily replace drop-in A/C units or completely refit split gas configurations found on large yachts. We provide complete climate systems, available in a variety of capacities and options.

If your A/C seems to be putting out cool air but not really cooling the cabin down, we can provide additional venting customized to your space. Many times boat builders do not install enough venting to maximize the BTU’s of the system, and we are happy to analyze your space and make sure enough air flow is available to manufacturer’s spec to improve your system’s cooling.

Seawater cooling is just as important as airflow. Nicholson Marine can effectively flush your system with safe, industry standard products. We can build customized seawater manifolds for multi-unit systems that allow for easier system flushes and for isolating units for servicing.


Running water, drinking water, and a comfortable toilet – this is not too much to ask of your vessel! We can do it all from diagnosing leaks and continuously running pumps to installing state-of-the-art watermakers capable of providing hundreds of gallons per day. We install large watermaking systems or can separate the components and conveniently tuck them away in places you didn’t think a watermaker could fit! Perfect for your long journeys or weeks relaxing in that one particular Bahamian anchorage. With knowledge from years of servicing watermakers, we always incorporate features in our installations that will ease the maintenance of your system.

As for head systems, Nicholson Marine is THE ONLY authorized Dometic VacuFlush dealer in the southern Tampa Bay area. If you are sick of that stinky head let us install a VacuFlush system, easy to use for kids and guests, and the vacuum quickly whooshes away waste, completely evacuating the hoses so waste is not sitting in there creating odors and permeating your hoses. VacuFlush uses the least electricity and water of any head on the market, significantly saving you power and waste holding tank capacity. If an economy toilet is preferred Dometic offers macerating options as well.

We especially find that many boaters buying pre-owned vessels prefer to have a new head, hoses, and waste tank installed to start fresh and not have the previous owners’ odors hanging around your new-to-you boat. We can have custom-sized plastic tanks built to fit your space and custom-install fittings for the convenience of hose runs and access. OdorSafe hose is also a popular option. Add a monitoring system for your waste and water tanks to take the guess work out of your tank levels!